Business center ANTARO is modernly designed business building on the outskirts of the BTC business-shopping center in the immediate vicinity of the motorway ring.
The building enables a high standard of professional work and residence. In the tidy business building, there are a reception, restaurant, and parking places in front of the building and in two underground floors.

Business premises

Four modernly equipped business units are to disposal:

401 surface 311,13 m2

402 surface 284,52 m2

403 surface 220,15 m2

404 surface 258,71 m2

All the units are located on the 4th floor and enable autonomous access with three elevators and the staircase.

Business premises are bright, air-conditioned, and equipped with the system of conditioned ventilation. The offices are divided with partition glass or full modular walls of the producer Babini from Italy. The offices are equipped with the furniture of the renowned Italian producers, all of the highly qualitative and design class.

All the premises have a tea kitchen and the room intended for the server. The toilet facilities are individual or common, accessible for the users of our business premises. The approach with plastic cards is enabled to the toilet facilities.

It is easily possible to adapt the ground plan of individual offices to individual needs of an individual.

Eventual processing requires the consent of the owner and the responsible designer. The cost of processing are covered by the tenant.

We have to disposal 20 parking spaces in the underground floor and 3 parking spaces in front of the building. Parking spaces are payable and assigned according to the formula: one parking space / 50 m2 office surface.




Ground plan

Technical description

The end-out marker of the building is 2K+P+4N+M. It was built in 2005. The building is designed in the rectangular shape with longer sides in the direction of north and south. The underground floors are intended for the parking.

From the perspective of communication, the building has two cores. Each core has freight, service, and personal elevator in addition to the staircase, toilet facilities, and installation shafts. On the ground floor, there is also an internal restaurant in addition to business premises. All the other floors are business. In the mentioned business premises, there are modular partition walls, assembly walls with the metal supporting walls coated with wooden panels on both sides or made of aluminum construction with inserted tempered glass – Italian label Babini. Partition walls of the auxiliary space are made of plasterboards on the metal construction.

Depending on partition walls, the doors are glass or wooden. Windows are made of metal and glazed with thermopane glass 2+16+2 and dappled with metal external electric or manual Venetian blinds.

Floorings in the offices are bamboo 1.4-cm-thick parquet. In the toilet facilities, kitchens, and entrance, the floorings are 2-cm granite. The ceilings are assembly and lowered with the metal construction, on which Armstrong fire-resistant plates are attached. The premises are equipped by the system of conditioned ventilation through ceiling diffusers. Heating/cooling is performed by means of thermostat regulated forced air circulation system through the wallair conditioners. Each working position is equipped by four connectors for the electricity – one for the computer network and one for the telephone. It is easily possible to construct installations for additional working positions through the ceiling. Electrical and low voltage sockets are positioned under the work desks and, to a minor extent (electric), in the walls too.

Low voltage installations are installed to the server room to the “patch” panel for further installation to optical network or telephone exchange. Rooms are equipped with fire detectors in all the rooms with the connection to intervention, access terminal for recording the absence, for opening the entrance doors and for activation/deactivation of the burglar alarm.

There is lighting with the installed ceiling illuminants or lowered illuminants in the conference room and in three main offices. The walls of the toilet facilities are partially coated with ceramics and include two complexes of male and female toilet facilities in the qualitative ceramics of water closets and lavatories with the additional room for the cleaning lady.

Business premises are furnished and partly furnished with Italian office furniture, server room and tea kitchen.

Private toilet facilities are located in the hallway opposite the elevator, and smaller toilet facilities are also located in unit 404.

The building enables an individual management, the control over the consumption of the energy sources and the control over the remaining operating costs.

The number of Energy certificate is 2014-68-102-3577.

Basic information about the facility:

The building is built on a plot, registered in the land register under the number 1730-127/304-0, on the plot number 127/304, local area 1730 Moste.

The facility has issued the operating license no. 3517-86/2004-06/LK-21.